PVA equipment can be used for a diverse array of applications from dispensing Adhesives and Sealants to Conformal Coating of PCB’s to dispensing Potting materials, be they single or multiple part. PVA can also supply curing solutions for all the above so a full turnkey solution is available with full process support.


The PVA Delta 6 is a new Selective Coating/Dispensing system.

With a flexible robotic system it is ideal for selective coating, potting, bead and meter-mix dispensing applications. The Delta 6 features a robust overhead three axis motion platform for in-line or batch production.

The Delta 6 has been designed with a slimmer footprint and improved structural rigidity which enhances positional accuracy and machine stability. Some features of the Delta 6:

  • Robotic system repeatability of 25 microns
  • Patented servo-controlled optional four-axis motion with valve tilt and rotate
  • Closed loop process control throughout the gantry system
  • Multiple dispensing applications or materials in one cell
  • On-board PC for unlimited program storage
  • Easy to use programming environment

The PVA350 is a Bench-top Selective Coating/Dispensing System


It is a flexible three or four axis robot that is suitable for virtually any bench-top or laboratory selective coating and automated dispensing application.

  • Compact, tabletop design that is portable
  • Large work area
  • Optional four-axis tilt and rotate motion
  • Co-ordinated motion in all axes simultaneously
  • Easy to use programming environment

PVA has many different valves available and has one to suit all any application from HotMelt Jet dispense to Film Coating to Metering valves and of course mixing valves, Any application with any material can be handled. Please contact us for further information.