ESD Apparel/Clothes

ESD Shoes

Light comfortable footwear engineered to assure electrostatic discharge to EN61340-5-1

System footwear/metallic plate: between 5 x 10(4) Ohm and 1 x 10(8) Ohm

System footwear/floor: between 7.5 x 10(5) Ohm and 3.5 x 10(7) Ohm

AEN-219 Derby Shoe, perforation on sides

Designed especially for wearing in companies where metal detector gates are installed.

Excellent ESD protection and toe cup protection for safety

All sizes from Euro 35 to 47 available.

AE913/903 Top Derby with or without safety toe cap.

Sole resistant to oils and fuels, anti-slip. Energy absorption heel design, breathable upper material.

Washable in standard washing machine.

All sizes from Euro 35 to 47 available. Also available in White.

ESD Clothing

We can offer a full range of ESD clothing including lab coats and shorter skimmer coats in a wide range of colours. All clothing is made with non-static generating fabric and also offer protection against electrostatic fields.

Lab Coat

Short Coat

Skimmer Coat

Polo Shirt

Shoe Covers

ESD Gloves

Bouffant Cap

Face Mask

ESD Temperature Resistant Gloves

Temperature Resistant Gloves