Market research has shown that nearly 80% of the defects in an SMT production line result primarily from the print process and 15% from the reflow process. Prime-Option can supply printers from innovative companies who design and manufacture their equipment in-house.

Yamaha manufactures the full range of stencil printers from High-End Dual Lane systems to compact in-line systems, so there is one to fit all requirements. All systems have one thing in common; they are all designed and built to the highest standard for maximum uptime.

All systems have the unique Yamaha 3S head, the machine uses one squeegee. In this way we can automatically adjust the squeegee angle and speed to optimise settings for the best print quality for the selected solder paste and volume.

Yamaha also has a vacuum clamping system for the stencil to ensure stability during printing. This drastically cuts the set-up time since no offset is needed for each print stroke.

Ersa has expanded its equipment portfolio to include the Versaprint stencil printer. The machine is fully manufactured in Germany and has some very interesting features previously unseen in other printers.

A line scan camera is integrated into the machine which provides 100% solder paste inspection within the machine footprint. Thus you are saving floorspace as you do not have another machine in your production line. And of course you have immediate feedback to the printer, no complicated interface. And one point of contact instead of two.