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Temperature Profiler

GlobalPoint ICS has been one of the leading international suppliers of measuring technology for all soldering processes for more than twenty years. They are continually setting global benchmarks for precise, innovative and reliable systems as well as intelligent, user-friendly software.

The range of products covers measuring technology for reflow systems, vacuum/vapour phase soldering systems, wave soldering systems and selective soldering systems as well as the matching measuring boards.

In today's world of advanced, high temperature, lead-free electronics, thermal profiling is a must. It can, however, be a bewildering task: some software packages are difficult to understand and use, and their output requires a degree of interpretation that assumes long experience in profiling.


The Measuring Board Reflow and Measuring Electronics PTP make an ideal and versatile instrument for process recording, analysis and optimisation of your reflow process. Using eight thermocouples placed permanently on specially designed measuring points with different thermal characteristics, the Measuring Board Reflow can be used to optimise your process and also to check and verify your process on a monthly basis.

With Bluetooth connection between the transmitter and receiver as standard, there are no extra cables to to take care of when running the profiler. This gives you less hassle, is safer and interruption-free operation.

There are also Measuring Boards available for Wave Soldering, Selective Soldering, Vapour Phase/Vacuum Soldering systems.