Production Tools

Temperature Profiler

Designed specifically to meet the demands of manufacturers and EMS providers requiring a thermal profiling system for daily use as part of an ongoing quality control regime, on a wide range of PCB assemblies, SolderStar sets the benchmark for maintaining lead-free thermal processes under absolute control.

The SolderStar Plus package features the industry slimmest and most robust 6 channel data logger. This easily fits into ovens with limited tunnel height and stays cool there, even at lead-free processing temperatures, due to its outstanding heat shielding properties. A fully featured software package is also included with tools for detailed profile analysis, good/bad testing, optimisation and ISO traceability.

In today's world of advanced, high temperature, lead-free electronics, thermal profiling is a must. It can, however, be a bewildering task: some software packages are difficult to understand and use, and their output requires a degree of interpretation that assumes long experience in profiling.

That's why SolderStar's Profile Central thermal profiling software is so refreshing. Unique in its simplicity, yet powerful in its scope and functionality, it sets new standards for the electronics manufacturing industry, enabling users to understand, analyse and optimise their thermal processes quickly and easily.

Using simple terminology and clear graphics to display key parameters in an easily understandable format, SolderStar's software suite enables users to automatically analyse, alter, combine and display profiling parameters for anything from high performance product set-up and optimisation to fully integrated SPC capabilities for continuous quality and process control.