Accepted as the world leader in Selective Soldering, ERSA is now proud to introduce the fourth generation of VERSAFLOW machines. These Best In Class machines feature leading edge technologies and are modular in design and so can match the highest demands on flexibility  and throughput while also fitting every budget. There is an ERSA selective soldering machine to suit everyone from the SMARTFLOW, ECOSELECT, ECOCELL to VERSAFLOW series.

The VERSAFLOW family of machines are high end systems which integrate into in-line manufacturing concepts. There are many options and configurations available such as:

  • Multiple flux nozzles, and even using different flux types
  • Modular pre-heat, more modules can be added as well as topside convection
  • Different solder pot combinations, such as flex pot, multi dip, mini wave, versaflex
  • Automatic solder wire feeder
  • Dual lane for double the throughput

The SMARTFLOW 2020 system expands the ERSA range of machines. The machine is compact but does not have any compromises. The same advanced technology used in the high end machines such as the same electro-magnetic pump is used. The same flux system and pre-heat technology is used so that the process results are the same.

  • Manual loading system for complete flexibility
  • Large soldering area of 508 x 508mm (20” x 20”)
  • Different solder pot availability, such as flex pot, mini vario wave
  • Automatic solder wire feeder
  • Drop jet fluxer with integrated monitoring
  • Ersa CAD Assistant for easy programming

The ECOSELECT 4 is ERSA’s newest selective soldering system on the market. It is a compact system and is perfectly suited for small to medium sized batches. As is usual with all ERSA selective soldering machines, there is no compromise in the technology used to ensure perfect process results..

  • In-line system, feed direction changeable
  • Large soldering area of 508 x 508mm (20” x 20”)
  • Different solder pot availability, such as flex pot, mini vario wave, One or Two pots
  • Automatic solder wire feeder
  • Drop jet fluxer with integrated monitoring, One or Two different flux type availability
  • Ersa CAD Assistant for easy programming

Automatic Nozzle Activation



This option automatically moves the selected nozzle to the activation station where a special material is added to the nozzle to re-activate it after a pre-determined time. This reduces operator intervention and stabilises the process.

The VERSASCAN option is a camera system mounted before the flux station, The camera can scan bar-codes and record them to the traceability system. The system can also check that the board has been assembled correctly checking for component presence and polarity where possible.

The VERSAEYE module option is optimised for the inspection of THT joints. It can be fitted with one bottom and eight side cameras. It can detect wetting problems, solder bridges and missing pins. Both topside and bottomside inspection is available.

There are other options available on Ersa Selective Soldering machines which increase the machine efficiency and also enhance the overall soldering process: