Wave Soldering

The POWERFLOW series of Wave Soldering machines are designed specifically to meet the challenges of Pb-free soldering, The machines highlight a 400mm (16”) width transport, plug and play pre-heat design (Medium IR, Convection, Short IR and Topside Convection available) with 1.8m as standard. Additionally 2.4m of pre-heat is available if needed. New nozzle configurations reduce soldering defects and process gas cleaning is available to optimise machine efficiency.

The POWERFLOW N2 is Ersa’s flagship wave soldering machine. It is a full tunnel system with superior process stability even at maximum throughput.

  • Precise and economical flux application, intelligent programming and control
  • Modular preheat configuration
  • Multiple solder nozzle options
  • Process gas cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Finger or pallet conveyor system

The POWERFLOW AIR is a new product from Ersa which now completes their wave soldering line up. The POWERFLOW AIR offers high performance with flexible soldering bath technology at attractive value for money.

  • Spray fluxer with intelligent programming
  • Modular preheat configuration
  • Longer wetting time
  • Extremely stable solder wave height (up to 16mm)
  • Exchangeable solder pot with trolley
  • Ready for traceability

The ERSA ETS330 is a microprocessor  controlled Wave Soldering System which can process boards up to 330mm wide. The ETS330 is ideal for the use of low-solids fluxes.

  • Compact system, ideal for small to medium volume production
  • Spray fluxer
  • Powerful preheat with 900mm length
  • Additional pre-heat dwell time can be programmed
  • Robust pallet conveyor system
  • Large memory, up to 99 program storage

The POWERFLOW PRO is a compact full tunnel wave soldering system for cost-optimized wave soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere with award-winning ERSASOFT 5.

  • Targeted and economical flux application through freely defined spray field
  • Modular preheating configuration for flexible and reproducible heat input
  • Ideal solder nozzle combination for all application requirements
  • Robust, durable, loadable and automatically lubricated chain transport system
  • Intelligent nitrogen control guarantees optimised N2 consumption and cost efficiency
  • Award-winning, modern user interface: ERSASOFT 5