Welcome to the Prime Option soldering page. We offer a variety of products and equipment that represent the very best in electronics Printed Circuit Board soldering process from the market leaders.

Because our quality standards are high, we select only the highest calibre equipment. Our goal is always to deliver quality at an affordable price. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

The name ERSA has been synonymous with soldering for more than 80 years. ERSA’s extensive range of “Best in Class” machines and systems for the electronic PCB manufacturing industry include paste printers, soldering machines, hand tools as well as rework and inspection systems. Since their introduction to the market more than 30 years ago ERSA machines have been setting the industry standard for high-end high-quality equipment.

Selective Soldering - Offline and In-line Selective machines

Reflow Soldering - In-line Reflow Ovens

Wave Soldering - Offline and In-line Wave Soldering machines

Rework - Complete Systems for Every Process

Hand Soldering - Single or multi-channel irons