ESD Products

We can now offer a full range of ESD products, from Personal Grounding to ESD testers, from ESD Vacuum Cleaners to Packing materials. PCB racks for automatic production line loading and unloading as well as bench top work are also available.

Personnel Grounding

Antiallergenic ESD Wrist Strap
Conductive (silver) fibres with polyester, very flexible, washable without conductivity loss
Lengthening: 25 % (ASTM D882 test mode)
Colour: Blue

ESD Heel Grounder
Resistor: 1 MOhm
Color: Black / White
Ribbon: 55 cm long nylon/ polyester grounding band with 8 conductive strands
Rubber grounder: 38 mm width, three layer laminated, rubber sole.
Outer conductive black rubber layer < 102 Ohm

The disposable shoe cover has the benefit of stopping any contaminates entering a sensitive process area by workers or visitors who may not have the correct footwear required for the production area. This shoe cover has a black ESD strap which makes the shoe cover act the same as a normal heel or toe strap.

A full range of floor and bench top mats are available which are heat and chemical resistant. They offer excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvents. Mats have a matt finish but glossy finish is available on special orders. A set is available in different sizes which includes mat, male easy mount mat grounding snap, adjustable wrist strap and dual banana jack with female snap and 10ft of cord.

Adhesive mats are used in front of the entrance doors to stop dust and dirt being brought by shoes into areas where cleanliness is critical, such as electronics, medical and other industries where hygiene is essential.
30 layer mat with numbered corners for easy identification
Resistance: 109 - 1011 Ohm
Size: 600 x 1200 mm
Color: White


We can supply a full range of hardware and accessories so that you can correctly and safely install all of your ESD systems as well as other ESD products for your ESD production area. Below is a sample of some of the products available, or please go to for further information about any of the products listed or contact us.

Earth Bond Point

Available in 1, 2 or 3 point. Can connect either 10mm snap fastner or 4mm banana plug.

Conductive Heavy Mat

High abrasion-proof.
Surface Resistance: < 105 Ohm
Color: Black
Standard size: 1 x 2 m
Weight: 930 kg/m3

Common Ground Point

Available from 6 to 20 connection points.

ESD Brushes

Available in many sizes. Hard brushes for cleaning PCB's & parts.
Soft brushes for cleaning optics, micro-circuits etc. 

Microfiber Wipes

Lint-free, 400 x 400mm or 190mm x 190mm. For cleaning sensitive parts.

Test and Monitoring

The AIJGO-24LB/ALU is an easily usable Footwear & Wrist strap tester with LIGHT BAR system to entrance of EPA area combined with entrance gate. It is designed for those who want to integrate the AIJGO ESD acess control system into their exisiting systems (SAP, ORACLE, work time recording software, etc).
• Footwear and wrist strap tester for ESD area entrance
• Both foot and wrist strap testing at the same time
• LED Light and sound signal which show test results - Fast and Easy
• Footwear: 100kΩ ± 20% - 35MΩ/100MΩ ± 10%
• Wrist strap: 750kΩ ± 20% - 35MΩ ± 10%
• Dimensions: 115 x 195 x 65mm

The AIJGO-31LB/ALU is an easy usable Footwear & Wrist strap tester with LIGHT BAR & COMFORT system for entrance to the EPA area.
And All-In-One PC and *Management software are included in this package.
• Footwear and Wrist Strap Tester for ESD area entrance
• LIGHT BAR system with sound to signal for pass and fail test, results separately
• Both foot and wrist strap testing at the same time
• Dual foot electrode to test the right and left foot separately
• Footwear: 100 KΩ - 35 MΩ/100 MΩ -
• Wrist Strap: 750 KΩ - 35 MΩ
* The Management Software has to be ordered together with the AIJGO-31LB/ALU but if more testers are connected a network in this case please do not hesitate to contact us with your network plan for a quotation.

ZeroCharge AR-9
Wrist strap and dual independent footwear tester, can have an AC switch to activate a door lock. EU testing standards.
• Two in one test instrument to check both wrist straps and footwear.
• Extremely easy to use. Just press and hold the button. The meter automatically tests each foot and the wrist strap.
• Built using SMT technology for reliability.
• Dependable and simple.
• Audible and Visual indicators show pass, low or high fail.
• Needs A-FP2 footplate

ZeroCharge ASFF-9
The ZeroCharge ASFF-9 is a free-standing or wall mounted one touch wrist strap and dual footwear test system. It can be a stand-alone system or bought as a complete kit to control door access to a priduction area/laboratory.
• Two in one instrument to check both wrist straps and footwear.
• Can be purchased with or without computer interface for test logging
• Automatic report generation (PC model)
• Extremely easy to use. Just touch one Test Button to complete the test.
• Built using SMT technology for reliability.
• Microprocessor controlled for accuracy.
• Dependable and simple.
• Audible and Visual indicators show pass, low or high fail.
• Employee ID swipe cards for quick recording (option)

AIJGO-12 Series Monitor
Wrist strap to monitor your wrist strap to maintain high workmanship standards in an ESD safe enviornment. Wrist strap and ESD safe workplace continuous testing and monitoring. Light and sound signal indication of the test result.
For one wrist strap; Resistance limits: red < 100 kOhm < Green < 30 MOhm < red

ZeroCharge ACM-2
Single Wire Wrist Strap and Table Mat Continuous Monito for 2 wrist straps and one mat (station grounding).
Monitors the ground integrity of two operators (two wrist straps) and one work station ground.
Alarm set point: Wrist Strap: 38 to 87pF (human body); with 1 Mohm wrist strap resistance and work station mat: 6.5 Mohm

There are many solutions availailable, for more information please contact us

Access Control

The AIJGO testers make two test processes per sec. Left foot, Right foot and wrist strap tests have different test circuits but the tester makes them at the same time. Only when the two test processes have Pass results will the tester give Pass information. This double testing mode provides high safety testing results.

The AIJGO testers use 100 V test voltage to avoid false test results. Under 100 V test voltage the test results are not safe because of the dirt and the contamination on the sole of the ESD shoes or heel grounders. it can cause false test results. The 100 V test voltage provides a reliable and accurate test.

The unique LIGHT BAR System with LED lighting is an ideal solution for high volume of entrances where speed and safety is very important. The tough damage-resistant construction with steel touch-button can prevent the frequent failures of a push-button. The operators only have to touch the button, they do not need to push it. The LIGHT BAR system is developed for multinational companies which require many thousand of entrance per day. The energy saving LED's have a strong visual effect for the operator to inform the test result. They can distinguish the test result of the wrist strap, left and right foot (Pass – Green, Fail – Red)

The COMFORT System is a perfect choice where personnel identification is an important side of the entrance process to the ESD area. The identification is deteced by an RFID reader where the operators use a Personal Chip Card and selects a test according to the identification. The test results and the identification data are transfered to a PC which has Managment Software. The COMFORT system provides a fully automatic solution for entrance to the ESD area and the dataprocessing (personal identification, test results).

This system provides an "all in one” solution with our tripod turnstile. It is a "built-in” construction because the AIJGO testers and Dual Foot Electrode are built in and installed into the gate. No extra installation knowledge required to install this system.

For more information please contact us

ESD Packaging

Static Shielding Bags
AX flat and Zip-Top Static shield bags are manufactured from industry approved polyester/metal/polyethylene laminates. The polyester dielectric in concert with the metal layer provides Faraday cage effect shielding of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). The metal layer prevents the penetration of damaging electrostatic fields. The specially processed polyethylene minimises tribocharging.
Bags are available from 2 x 3 to 30 x 24 inches.

Metallised Shielding Bags
AX 101 series bag without zipper is our most economical bags and are perfect for your less demanding applications.
Bags are available from 6 x 8 to 12 x 24 inches.

Static Shielding Bags & Conductive Grid Bags
The AM series Static-shielding bag is perfect for your less demanding applications.
Bags are available from 6 x 8 to 10 x 14 inches.

The AC series Conductive Grid bag is designed to protect against static induced damage. They are conductive and anti-abrasive.
Bags are available from 6 x 8 to 14 x 17 inches approx.

Static Dissipative Poly Bags
Pink Poly Bags are made from transparent ammime-free polyethylene, ROHS compliant to directive 2002/95/EC, static dissipative and clean room safe. They retain dissipative properties even when cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner.
Bags are available from 2 x 3 to 24 x 30 inches.
Custom sizes also available, please ask us.

Labels and Tape
We can also supply labels with the Static Protection Symbol which measure 10 x 10mm approx.

Ground Marking Tape printed with the ESD symbol and ESD Protected Area€ used for marking ESD protected areas of your production floor is also available from us.

We also supply Conductive Grid Tape from 12mm to 48mm wide.

For more information please contact us


Adjustable Racks
Static Safe Racks hold circuit boards securely on two opposite sides for maximum protection during transport and storage, either horizontally or vertically. Three different models of adjustable Antistatic Racks are featured, each with a different injection moulded card guide to handle small, medium, large and hard to hold boards. All card guides have a rigid board stop and are moulded in tough, reinforced conductive polypropylene which meets Mil Spec B-81705-B for static discharge. The standard Antistatic Racks can tolerate all solvents and temperatures to 85°C. They are very easy to set up with rigid tubular aluminium extrusions and non-rotating nuts with large plastic thumb screws that lock into the extrusions
Racks are available for PCB’s up to 46 x 61 cm.

Universal Antistatic Racks
Economical racks for handling clinched, SMD, soldered or bare boards of any size with no adjustment. The universal Antistatic Rack are each slightly different in size, design and slot shape in a choice of different in size, design an slot shape in a choice of materials to meet a wide variety of applications
Measures 15 x 46cm.
Other sizes available, please contact us.

Carts and Trolley's
Utility Cart ATR-1 Trolley is designed to prepare and transport equipment, parts etc. to the assembly area. Makes a convenient mobile work surface for folding, sorting or repairs
Measures 62 x 62 x 70cm high.
Load capacity 250kg.
Large, non-marking ESD casters.
Convenient handle to pull or push
Other sizes available, please contact us.

For more information please contact us

ESD Vacuum Cleaners

The ESD Safe A-ESD- PortaVac Vacuums are smaller, lighter, and more compact than A-ESD-VAC Series Vacuums. Powerful and light to carry. The 0.3-micron filter captures ultra-fine particles in disposable cartridge filter. The A-ESD- PortaVac Series only weighs 2.5kg but has 600W of power. Optional carry tote holds lots of extras! Bag and shell style filter. Optional micro attachment kit shown is compatible with all models.

ESD-VAC Series
True static safe design. All components are made from conductive plastic which is grounded and will not generate or accumulate static charges.
True high Capacity: More than 35l. Largest capacity in its class.
High Power: 1250W of power
Reasonable priced HEPA filters
Dry and wet vacuuming 

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