Reflow Soldering

The new HOTFLOW series from ERSA once again raises the bar when it comes to the reflow process. The design of the new ovens focused on optimising heat transfer and reducing maintenance time while increasing machine uptime and productivity.

ERSA Hotflow 4 Series 
The ERSA HOTFLOW 4 series ovens come in any configuration to suit your process. From the 4/8 with 8 heating zones to the 4/26 with its 26 heating zones. All HOTFLOW models share the same features:
• Outstanding thermal performance with excellent power balance
• Multi-level controlled cooling
• Multi-level process gas cleaning (flux management)
• Low Nitrogen consumption
• Multi lane conveyor system

ERSA EXOS 10/26 Voidless 
One of the biggest challenges at the moment in reflow soldering is the reduction and elimination of voids. ERSA has developed a vacuum system for their top level machine and has shown excellent results in void elimination.  Features include:
• Four part conveyor system, dual track
• Perfectly synchronised PCB conveyance, no external handling
• Maintenance friendly system to ensure best uptime
• Part integrated vacuum pump, no process  interferance
• Innovative cleaning system SMART ELEMENTS®

ERSA Hotflow 3 Series 
The popular ERSA HOTFLOW 3 series ovens are of course still available. The 3/14 and 3/20 ovens are the proven workhorses of the reflow family and there are utilised in many 24/7 operations. Features include:
• Excellent heat transfer with the most varied boards
• Multi-level controlled cooling
• Multi-level process gas cleaning (flux management)
• “On the Fly” maintenance for increased machine uptime
• Multi lane conveyor system

ERSA Hotflow 3/14e and 3/20e 
The ERSA HOTFLOW 3/14e and 3/20e ovens are energy efficient ovens with excellent thermal performance and optimised for the Pb-free process. They are economically priced and give maximum value for return on investment. Features include:
• Optimised heat transfer, minimised delta T
• Internal cooling
• Automatic chain lubrication
• Automatic low mass centre support
• Multi lane conveyor system available

ERSA Hotflow 3 Series 
The popular ERSA HOTFLOW 3 series ovens are of course still available. The 3/14 and 3/20 ovens are the proven workhorses of the reflow family and there are utilised in many 24/7 operations. Features include:

• Excellent heat transfer with the most varied boards
• Multi-level controlled cooling
• Multi-level process gas cleaning (flux management)
• “On the Fly” maintenance for increased machine uptime
• Multi lane conveyor system

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Selective Soldering

Accepted as the world leader in Selective Soldering, ERSA is now proud to introduce the fourth generation of VERSAFLOW machines. These Best In Class machines feature leading edge technologies and are modular in design and so can match the highest demands on flexibility and throughput while also fitting every budget. There is an ERSA selective soldering machine to suit everyone from the SMARTFLOW, ECOSELECT, ECOCELL to VERSAFLOW series.

The VERSAFLOW family of machines are high end systems which integrate into in-line manufacturing concepts. There are many options and configurations available such as:
• Multiple flux nozzles, and even using different flux types
• Modular pre-heat, more modules can be added as well as topside convection
• Different solder pot combinations, such as flex pot, multi dip, mini wave, versaflex
• Automatic solder wire feeder
• Dual lane for double the throughput

The SMARTFLOW 2020 system expands the ERSA range of machines. The machine is compact but does not have any compromises. The same advanced technology used in the high end machines such as the same electro-magnetic pump is used. The same flux system and pre-heat technology is used so that the process results are the same.
• Manual loading system for complete flexibility
• Large soldering area of 508 x 508mm (20” x 20”)
• Different solder pot availability, such as flex pot, mini vario wave
• Automatic solder wire feeder
• Drop jet fluxer with integrated monitoring
• Ersa CAD Assistant for easy programming

The ECOSELECT 4 is a compact system and is perfectly suited for small to medium sized batches. As is usual with all ERSA selective soldering machines, there is no compromise in the technology used to ensure perfect process results..
• In-line system, feed direction changeable
• Large soldering area of 508 x 508mm (20” x 20”)
• Different solder pot availability, such as flex pot, mini vario wave, One or Two pots
• Automatic solder wire feeder
• Drop jet fluxer with integrated monitoring, One or Two different flux type availability
• Ersa CAD Assistant for easy programming

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Wave Soldering

The POWERFLOW series of Wave Soldering machines are designed specifically to meet the challenges of today. Multipe preheat configurations are available to privide the best heat transfer. Multips nozzle configurations to select from to give the best soldering results. Full nitrogen tunnels, best in market control systems and easy operation and maintenance provide you with all the tools to get the best performance and quality. 

ThePOWERFLWO ULTRA is the ultimate solution for demanding wave soldering solutions. It is not only designed to todays soldering solutions, but is also ready for the next generation of wave soldering. Features include:
• Full Nitrogen tunnel for best soldering results 
• High throughput with 24/7 uptime
• Modular preheat configuration to suit all applications
• Robust design ensures low maintenance and high uptime
• Databased, modern user interface, INDUSTRY 4.0

The POWERFLOW PRO is a compact full nitrogen tunnel machine for cost-optimised wave soldering. The usual ERSA high quality performance and design has gone into the machine to give the best soldering results. Features include:
• Targeted and economical flux application (fully programmable) 
• Modular preheating configuration for flexible and repeatible heat transfer
• Ideal solder nozzle combination for all applications
• Intelligent nitrogen control guarantees optimised consumption
• Award winning ERSASOFT 5 user interface for easy operation

The POWERFLOW offers high-performance wave soldering with flexible solder bath technology. Proven components and technology combine to result in very attractive value-for-money soldering systems. Features include:
• Flexible conveyor system with 508mm (20") working width
• Controlled spray fluxer giving best coverage and low consumption
• 1.8m preheating with medium wave/short wave and convection
• Easy operation and modern control concept
• Nitrogen hood over solder nozzle is available as an option

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Temperature Profiler

GlobalPoint ICS has been one of the leading international suppliers of measuring technology for all soldering processes for more than twenty years. Now part of the ERSA group, they are continually setting global benchmarks for precise, innovative and reliable systems as well as intelligent, user-friendly software.

The range of Professional Temperature Profiler (PTP®) products cover measuring technology for reflow systems, vacuum/vapour phase soldering systems, wave soldering systems and selective soldering systems as well as the matching measuring boards.
In today's world of advanced, high temperature, lead-free electronics, thermal profiling is a must. It can, however, be a bewildering task: some software packages are difficult to understand and use, and their output requires a degree of interpretation that assumes long experience in profiling.
• PTP® Electronics with 8 channel + internal temperature
• Bluetooth connection, realtime profiling
• For Reflow, Wave, Selective and Vapour Phase
• Measuring range -50 to +1350 °C
• IP67 industry protection

The Reflow V5 measuring board and measuring electronics PTP® make an ideal and versatile instrument for process recording, analysis and optimisation. The measuring board Reflow V5 has eight thermocouples of the highest accuracy class. These are placed permanently on specially designed measuring fields. The measuring board Reflow V5 is used to check the system parameters as well as their optimisation in the soldering system.
All you do is run this board through your oven to record your datum profile. Then run this board through your oven periodically to verify that your oven is performing as required.

The Wave V6 measuring board is similar in operation to the Reflow measuring board. Eight thermocouples are permanently attached to specific points on hte board to measure various parameters which affect your wave soldering process.
• Measurement of the atmospheric temperature
• Measurement of dwell times left, centre and right
• Measurement of the transport speed
• Recording the energy input for evaluating the risk to sensitive components

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Hand Soldering

The i-CON series from ERSA are designed with one purpose, to give the best soldering results. Each tool is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.

The i-CON VARIO is perfectly suited to all SMT and PTH soldering applications in electronic production, rework and touch-up. The VARIO family of irons introduce hot air tools, solder extraction and of course de-soldering tweezers.
• Soldering and de-soldering, Two or Four tools operating at once
• Intelligent power management for dynamic power distribution
• Built-in vacuum pump for de-soldering tools
• Easy operation - intuitive one touch button button
• Anti-static design

ERSA i-CON 1 family
The i-CON 1 family is suited to all SMT and PTH soldering applications in electronic production, rework and touch-up. The attachable tools and quick tip change allow flexible usage depending on demands. Multiple configurations available including single and double tool, extraction control and nitrogen supply to the soldering area.
• Soldering and de-soldering station
• Eight different tools available including VARIO tools
• Easy operation - intuitive one touch button button
• Anti-static design
•  Multiple configurations available 

The i-CON NANO is an ultra-light and ergonomically designed station which still has high power output. It is fully digital and uses the same tips as the i-CON family.
• Soldering and de-soldering station
• Very small footprint (145 x 80mm)
•  High power output of 68W
• Three fixed temperature settings, or changeable from 150 to 450 degrees
• Operator can be locked out, full process control
• Anti-static design

ERSA Standard Soldering Iron
The tried and proven soldering iron comes in 50W, 80W and 150W to cater for all your soldering requirements. Great for soldering copper conductors and other heavy connections. Comes with straight or bent tip.
• 50W, 80W or 150W power
• 180s heating up time
• Tips have long-life coating
• Non anti-static

ERSA Workshop Irons
The Ersa hammer soldering iron is especially suitable for sheet metal processing, installation work and for soldering commutators and copper bus bars. It is ideal for any heavy soldering which requires high power. Hammer soldering irons have also proven their merit in automotive body adjustments and lead glazing.
• 200W, 300W and 550W available
• Long life tip
• Non anti-static

ERSA Solder Baths
ERSA also manufacture static solder baths which are used to pre-tin components, wires etc. To increase the soldering quality we recommend the use of our temperature regulator as it also reduces oxide formation and saves energy. There are many different sizes of pot available so please contact us for further details.

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For more than 20 years now, thousands of users worldwide have used ERSA's patented IR and Hybrid-Rework technology. Offering fantastic price/performance ratio, ERSA systems continue to be the benchmark.

ERSA HR 600 Series

The award-winning ERSA HR 600 Series systems come in different configurations to suit your applications. The HR 600 Series systems offer automatic rework with as much manual input as you wish. All systems use the ERSA patented Hybrid rework technology, no component specific nozzles are needed offering full flexibility, and keeps costs down.

HR 600/3P

• For small chips/fine pitch
• 01005 to 60 x 60 mm
• High precision axis system
• High resolution cameras
• 3,200W heating capacity
• Automated rework

HR 600/2

• Automated rework, repeatible
• 3,200W of hybrid heating capacity
• Highly accurate X, Y and Z axes
• Dip and Print station available
• Low running cost, no specific tools
• Process control & documentation

HR 600 XL

• Large board rework (625 x 625mm)
• Up to 17,000W heating capacity
• Highly accurate X, Y and Z axes
• Repeatible results guaranteed
• Fully automatic or semi-automatic
• Dip and Print station available

ERSA HR 550 Series

The new HR 550 is another award-winning rework systems from ERSA. Designed to be flexible and offer high-perfromance, it is the best first step into semi-automated rework.

HR 550

• 4,200W heating capacity
• Up to 400 x 300mm board size
• Computer aided rework alignment
• Enhanced visual assistant
• 3Process control & documentation
• Suitable for Dip & Print station

HR 500

• Budget-orientated system
• 2,500W of hybrid heating capacity
• 380 x 300 board size
• Dip and Print station available
• Computer-aided rework alignment
• Modern user-friendly software

HR 550 XL

• Large board rework (610 x 530mm)
• Up to 8,200W heating capacity
• High resolution cameras
• Computer-aided rework alignment
• Optimal ergonomics
• Dip and Print station available

ERSA HR 200 
Simple and fast desoldering and soldering of SMD's.
Rework straight out of the box!
• 400W of heating capacity available
• Additional 800W heating plate optional 
• Very short soldering times feasable
• Footswitch activated
• Intuitive operation without software

ERSA Dip and Print Staion
The Dip & Print Station is suitable for use with all ERSA rework systems. Simply print on the component or dip the component into your process material to specific depth.
• Simple, reliable & repeatable
• Prepare your components with paste or flux
• Component specific stencil according to requirements 
• Adapters for all ERSA systems, one system for all

The ERSA EASY ARM 2 family of solder fume extraction units provide a clean and healthy environment for the operator doing any soldering operations.
• Efficient 3-stage particle and gas filtering
• Super silent operation
• Single arm and Double arm systems available
• On/Off can be controlled by your ERSA soldering iron or rework system
• Optical and acoustic alarm for filter change

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Robot Soldering

The new ERSA SOLDER SMART SR500 uses the powerful i-TOOL which provides 150W of soldering power. Multi-axis system offers full control and repeatability to ensure high quality results.

The new SR500 offers high quality repeatible soldering at a cost -effective price to our customers.
• Soldering tips from 0.4mm to 5mm wide tips
• High axis accuracy +/- 0.02mm
• Spot soldering, line soldering, drag soldering
• Precise, reliable solder wire feeder
• Complete process monitoring
• 500mm x 400mm working area, flexible
• Or 240mm x 382mm with tables

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Benchtop Batch Oven

The New X-Reflow306 LF series is a bench top, convection batch oven which is also nitrogen ready and designed for Lead Free soldering. High-performance, low-cost for small lot production and laboratory use and simulation tests.

X-KAR X-Reflow306 LF
The X-Reflow306 LF-AC is the only oven on the market which meets the new test procedures for PCB laminate manufacture. The oven can simulate 6 or 8 (changeable) reflow cycles with accelerated cooling between cycles to room temperature with minimum operator intervention.
• Full convection heating with independent control of front and rear heaters
• Large inspection window allows monitoring of the reflow process
• Microprocessor control ensures temperature profile repeatability
• Computer interface allows control of programming and operation
• Small desktop footprint, weighs only 45kg
• Nitrogen port for inert soldering if required
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Cost-effective rework systems for repairing boards during their assembly and servicing them after sales. Good and reliable tools are needed to complete these operations and must be easy to use.


The X-FineRework systems are modular digital PID control SMT rework/repair systems with pre-heater, 
• Profiling capabilities for time/temperature
• Repeatable process from board to board
• Large area board pre-heater for up to 14" pcb
• Selection of standard, lightweight nozzles
• Fully anti-static, comes with wrist strap etc. 
• Self-contained air and vacuum sources 
• Modular system, can be added to in future
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Board pre-heaters

Powerful and cost efficient medium and small size area pre-heaters. A must for safe rework/repair of any multi-layer board.
• In-built "K" thermocouple for verification
• Microprocessor controlled
• Closed loop temperature PID control
• ESD safe, supplied with arist strap
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Rework Tools

• Static and rotating board holders
• Board size from 25mm to 350mm  
• Spring-loaded tooling for quick exchange
• Basic board holders and supports 
• All size of tweezers available 
• Screwdrivers, pliers, snips 
• BGA reballing 
• Solder iron tip cleaners
• Solder reel holders
• Vacuum pick systems

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